The boy on a terrace looked stagnant. He was there, always, gazing up on the things that he could not become and looking
some nuances of details that the world seemed to forget. He, today too looked stagnant.

I always look at that boy, the dull one. I look at it as if I, too have become dull person and not
realizing the physical world exists. He,the boy, seemed to murmur about things; small things that would have been
hysterical if told out loud. The boy, always laughed and smiled for things as if they were living and as if they
were all telling him jokes.

Truth to be told; I never liked that boy but I am always magnetized towards his “alone-ness”. He could become anything.
A mermaid, a phoenix, and even strawberry juice that I liked to drink and be happy with. He, surely was there, always,
but stagnant but he seemed happier than me and the rest of us.

I was watching him as always. Today, he was there, on the terrace, his face partly covered by shadow but you could tell
him he was smiling. He had this faint smile and looking at it, I couldn’t stop myself and smile.

I reached him. TODAY.

I stood there, like him, and he was there sitting. I noticed him smirking, clicking his tongue and
sometimes becoming heavily angry. I decided to touch him. TODAY.

he was cold dead.

I am a science student leaning more towards tech and philosophies of tech.Not highly intellectual, nor very proficient writer. I love stories, absurd ones.